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Jan 11


Your carpets and rug see lots of wear over the years. Your carpets get used for everything from relaxing to partying, and they are subject to all of it! Midland Master Carpet Cleaners has a special carpet cleaning service that can give your carpets the protection and care they need.

Because there's so much going during the day, spills and stains will happen. Pets and children increase the risk of accidents. However, we all know that adults can get spilled too. The good thing is that your carpets can be protected from these horrible incidents using the Carpet Protectant Package provided by Midland Master Carpet Cleaners.

How Our Carpet Cleaning Service Protectant Package Works

Many carpets are stain-resistant. But, over time, this factory-applied stain resistance can wear down. It will eventually start to fade, leaving your carpets vulnerable to staining.

This Protectant Package was created by us to complement our carpet cleaning services. It solves this problem quickly. The Midland Master Carpet Cleaners ProtectantTM Pack works well in combination with our innovative High Carbonating Extraction process.

This package can be used to quickly restore and revitalize stain-resistant flooring. Our technicians will make sure that carpet fibers are protected from dirt and soiling by creating a barrier. The result is that you will have the opportunity to get rid of spillages quickly before they settle in and stain your carpets.

Our Carpet Cleaning Service's revolutionary protectants

We use a trio of high-tech protectants which revitalize carpets while strengthening them with remarkable stain-resistant ability. Here is a quick glimpse at how these protectants are used.

PowerGuard Protectant

Do you have solution-dyed or woven carpets? These carpets can be protected with the PowerGuard protectant. This stain protection product gives carpets a boost and strengthens their stain-resisting properties. You'll feel more confident and your carpets can last longer.

Repel Protectant

Because carpet fibers can be so small and delicate, it may seem difficult to protect all of them. Repel Protectant provides the solution.

This product provides outstanding protection for carpet fibers and is great for all types. This liquid-repelling protective protectant means that stains won't have any chance to set.

Wool Protectant

Carpets and rugs made using wool need special care to protect their structural integrity. We have a specific protection solution to suit these carpet types.

Our Wool Protectant water-based has been designed to enhance wool's stain-resisting abilities. With this special protectant, wool carpets can be easily protected from liquid spillages of all kinds. This will help to keep the gorgeous color and texture of wool intact.

What's Included In The Midland Master Carpet Cleaners Protectant Packaging

The Protectant Package includes the application of the appropriate stain-fighting solutions for each carpet type. You'll also be able to benefit from the innovative carpet cleaning process as well the in-depth knowledge of our experts.

Here are the specific carpet-cleaning services included in Protectant Package

  • Carpet or rug pre-inspection
  • Spot testing provides the best results
  • Thorough vacuuming
  • Deep cleaning using Hot Carbonating Extraction
  • Care and maintenance of the carpet pile
  • Carpet protectant that is stain-fighting

Are you looking for a way to care for your carpet beyond just stain protection? The Healthy House Package might be the right choice for you. This package includes all the above-mentioned carpet cleaning services along with the application of a deodorizing treatment that kills lingering scents, leaving your carpet with a fresh smell.

Learn more about how to get started with our carpet cleaning service package today!


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